The learned Jury consists of eminent and well known personalities from the field of academics, bureaucracy, industry, social work etc.

President of MMM Foundation would be ex-officio Chairman of the Jury.

General Guidelines for the Jury would be Eligibility and Selection Criteria, and also broadly in tune with VISION of MMM Foundation, as incorporated in this document.


1. Jury Members – individually and collectively, would be at liberty to adopt any other tool, for assessing and selecting the most deserving teachers/Lecturers for the Awards, based on the learned Jury’s individual and collective wisdom, prudence and expertise.

2. Jury Members would strictly assess the Contestants on merit.

3. In case of difference of opinion between the Jury members on evaluation of a Contestant, the decision of Chairman of the Jury would be final and binding on all concerned.

4. Any kind of bias or favor shown or indicated against or for a particular Contestant, by a Jury member or influencing brother Jury members for a particular contestant, will not be accepted. Such Jury Member would cease to be a Member of the Jury and particular Contestant disqualified.

5. Jury Members would hand over consolidated assessment for all Contestants interviewed and recommendation for five awardees to Chairman of the Jury, immediately after all interviews are over at close of the day


Last stage of Evaluation / Selection Process of short-listed Contestants gets completed with the final process of Jury interview. Immediately, in the evening Five Award Winners names would be announced and Award letters issued, in presence of Contestants waiting results.

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