Smt. Malti Mohinder Singh Syngle (Mata Ji)


96 years old, Smt. Malti Mohinder Singh Syngle, is an icon of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, from an era, when Indian women in conservative family environment, were not even allowed to move out doors, leave alone, getting educated or work for betterment of the society.

She was born in a dignified business family at Lahore on May-29,1922, to blessed parents - Smt. Chawlivati & Lala Nanuram Ji. Her grandfather, Lala Aminchand was a successful business man and the doyen of the famous business group, Aminchand Payarelal (Apeejay Group). Malti Ji's Father were six brothers & three sisters.

Her early upbringing took place in a very congenial joint family environment atJalandhar, along with her brothers, sisters and cousins, who include the present day illustrious names like Late Stya Paul Ji, Late Jit Paul A, Late Surrender Paul Ji and Lord Swraj Paul Ji. In this joint family environment, Malti Ji, strongly imbibed and cherished values of close family bonds, unity, love, affection & respect for humanity. To quote Malti Ji

"Till a few decades back, human needs used to be limited, means of travel restricted, economic & educational opportunities were hardly available. This resulted in family clusters concentrating in a single living unit This joint family culture would create proper care for children and infants by elderly ladies like grand mothers, grand aunts etc. Everyone would live happily in the joint family, creating strong bonds of love and affection for each other".

Malti Ji was fortunate to have been brought up in a family that placed equal emphasis on the education of girls. She turned out to be a bright student, did very well for herself. She completed her post-graduation in 1948. She was one of the first women in Punjab to achieve the Degree of "Bachelor of Teaching" in the year 1951.

Malti Ji gave her best to Punjab Education Services, till she retired in the year 1980. Her mission throughout was to encourage the poor and rural girls to get educated. She painstakingly enshrined the quality of discipline, dedication and continuous quest for knowledge amongst her numerous students.

Malti Ji developed strong bonds with her in laws family and within a short time of marriage inquisitively learned about culture and history of the family as well as its original environment. While writing foreword for the book "A Rendezvous with Royalty" by Mr. Rajeev Jindal, she mentioned;

"This book on history of lied State is of immense interest to me. Nostalgia takes me to my post marriage young days, spend in close proximity of royalty, when my Father in Law Sardar Lola Nathu Lal A, was the Nazim (Collector) of British Era Jeend State. Discussing Royalty& History used to be Dinner time appetizer and desert."

Malti Ji was married in an illustrious family, to Shri Mohinder Singh Syngle, a legal luminary, son of Sardar Lala Nathulal Ji Syngle, on Oct.-22, 1953. Her husband passed away suddenly in the year 1987.

She is blessed with two sons and a daughter—Manish, Manoj and Monika. While Manish & Monika are settled in USA, Mr. Manoj Singhal is a first generation entrepreneur & philanthropist

He is her most devoted and obedient son.

Malti Ji did not take rest after her formal retirement. She continues to lead an active life as an educationist, business women and as a social worker. Whatever she does, she accornplishes it with intricacy of details, human touch and affection. Malti Ji always lends a helping hand for social and charitable causes. She promoted Mohinder Singh Syngle Education & Research Society, in the memory of her It husband. The Society is doing a commendable job in the service of humanity.

In the thought provoking message given on her 92nd birthday, Respected Mata said:

"Dear Manoj & MM Auto Parivar- you are on a continuous mission of service to the society - be it the cause of education or any other activity for benefit of humanity Whatever has been achieved so far, is due to extreme hard work and integrity-I feel grateful to Almighty God for that and Pray to HIM to give you and the Parivar added strength to achieve more and do more for the society.

But, achievements, success & peace of mind are not possible, unless one, personality is fully disciplined and there is an urge for learning, changing and readiness to face challenges. I believe any “achievement" is possible by adopting FOUR PRINCIPLES in life:

IMANDARI- Imbibe the values of and practice Integrity and Honesty of the highest order.

ZIMAWARI- Take complete ownership and responsibility of whatever you do.

SAMAJHDARI- Always apply your wisdom and prudence to take right decisions. Balance your decisions with a blend of intellect, heart and mind.

BAHADURI - Adopt a courageous and challenging path in life to face complex situations and find solutions on your own, like a good leader instead of looking to others for solutions.

I love you all and with my profound blessings for your happiness"!

Malti Ji was honoured with Punjab Govt. Praman Patra for Social Service in the field of Education by Sardar Prakash Singh Badal, the then Chief Minister of Punjab on August-15, 2016.

She is a highly religious & spiritual person, that make her personality perfect, endowed with love & kindness for all.

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