Eligibility Criteria, Rules & Regulations, Selection Process


A-1 Teachers / Lecturers (hereinafter also known as Contestants or Candidates), teaching Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics / English / Biology / Social Science to Senior /Higher classes (8th. to 12th) in Government Higher / Senior Secondary Boys / Girls / Co-ed Schools in the States of Punjab and Haryana are eligible to contest. Besides, Teachers/ Lecturers working in All India network of Senior / Higher Secondary Schools run by Shree Atma Vallabh Jain Federation of Educational Institutions (Regd.) Eligibility is subject to fulfilling following conditions:

A-2) Contestants should have obtained minimum 60% marks in graduate /post Graduate and B.Ed. level, from a UGC recognized University, Deemed University

A-3) Contestants should be Permanent/Regular Service Teachers/Lecturers, with minimum five years of regular service, out of which three years of teaching Higher classes.

A-3-a) A multi subject teacher/lecturer can contest for only one subject of his Choice, out of the given subjects, which he or she has taught higher classes Continuously for last three years.

A-3-b) Guest/contract/temporary/trainee teachers/lecturers or non permanent Teachers / lecturers known by any other description, are not eligible to contest.

A-3-c) Teachers/Lecturers having two or less than two years of service left before Retirement, as on April-01, 2023, are not eligible to contest.

A-3-d) Teachers Lecturers bestowed with MALTI GYAN PEETH PURASKAR between 2013/2018, are not eligible to contest again.

A-3-e) Teachers/Lecturers involved in a criminal case either at FIR level or trial or Unfavorable judgement by a Court of Law, or awarded any type of punishment for acts of indiscipline in a departmental enquiry, can not contest.

A-3-f) Teachers/Lecturers, who are political activists or members of a political party can not contest.

A-3-g) Any kind of recommendation, canvassing or attempt to influence any member of the Jury or organizers or adopting any unfair or unethical means to push forward his or her candidature, by any candidate, would amount to summary disqualification, forever.

A-03-h) Information submitted in the Candidate’s profile should be authentic and based on facts and actual achievements. In case of detection of any wrong information, the candidate would be summarily disqualified.

A-03-i) The Candidates should have consistent track record of minimum 80 pass percentage achieved by students in a class - each scoring minimum 60% marks, in last three academic years, at Board level, in the subject for which the candidate has offered himself for consideration of the Award. To illustrate:

SUBJECT No of Students in a Class-% 80 Year Below 79% 80 + 85+ 90+ 95+
Physics 45 36 2023 15 30 --- --- ---
Physics 50 40 2022 10 40 --- --- ---
Physics 50 40 2021 --- 40 5 5 ---

A-03-j) Ideally Candidates should have high level of knowledge of the particular subject with benefit of the knowledge passed on to students, while teaching and shaping up student Personalities, with specific reference on :

  • a) Research
  • b) Innovations
  • c) Inventions
  • d) Skills Development
  • e) Any other unique achievement.

A-03-k) The Contestant’s professional achievements as well as his or her contribution to development of students under the Contestant’s care, should reflect:

  • a) High IQ
  • b) Devotion & dedication
  • c) Excellent Overview of General Knowledge
  • d) Rapport with students in true “Guru-Shishya Parampara.” and good rapport with parents for monitoring students’ behavior and academic progress.

A-3-l) The Candidates should have proven track record of counseling and guiding students in developing human values, good personality, imbibing culture of social work, environment protection, respect for the nation, respect for religions and national integration. Besides, helping in extracurricular activities like declamation contests, recreation & sports, acts of bravery, disaster management, be away from menace of drugs etc.

A-3-m) The Candidate would have never indulged in corporal (physical) punishment as a tool to reform erring students. He/she should have adopted culture of reforming students by counseling.

A-3-n) Working knowledge of Computer operations (E-mail, Word, Excel, Power Point) etc. and immaculate English (written & spoken) would be indicators about the Candidate’s openness for learning and change, which in turn would have an impact on shaping up of students under the Candidates teacher’s charge.


A-02 a) Educational Qualification (Essential) 20
b) Additional
- M.Phil /UGC Net 10
- Ph.D 15
- M. Ed.
- Relevant Diploma / Training 05
Result % age of Students
Year 2023 2022 2021 max. total
95+ 5 5 5
90+ 5 5 5
85+ 5 5 5
80+ 35 35 35
Below-79 Nil
A-3-j a) Research 05
b) Innovations 05
c) Inventions 05
A-3-k-l-mn- d) Skills Development 05
e) Any other unique 05
Contribution to development Of students 25
TEST a) Subject 35
b) General Knowledge 35
c) Viva 30
JURY Interview by Jury 100
MAX. MARKS : 450
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